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Related post: Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2008 11:19:04 -0700 From: Wolf pomo Subject: Paul Becomes a Sex Slave (gay/ adult Female model pre teen youth, m/M, m/MM)DISCLAIMER:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boy's discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between an underage boy and adult males... If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic deceitful the please leave now. If you enjoy the story or if it evokes memories of your own, please let pre teen cute models me know. pre teen adult movies I nn pre teen young am happy to write stories from outlines.Copyright 2008 Wolf, All Rights Reserved.You may contact me at if you like. adult porn pre teens All flames will be ignored. pre teen bbs free Paul Becomes a Sex Slave By Wolf It was just starting to rain and the streets were almost empty. A new Datsun Z-240 pre teen pics vids pulled up to the curb and the passenger window pre teen model tori when down and a man leaned across the consol and asked the youth walking in the rain if he wanted a ride. The youth had not been paying any attention until he heard the man's voice. He turned to look at the person speaking as he wiped the damp hair away from his face. He looked at the man and thought he was nice looking. He was standing at the bus stop getting wet model girl pre teen waiting for the bus. Against everything his parents had told him about getting into a strangers car he approached the car. The man opened the door and sat back in the driver's seat as the youth got into the car. As the boy closed the door the driver pressed the lever that actuated the window and it rolled up until it was closed. black porn pre teen The drive asked the youth where he was headed. The youth told him, "I was on my way home when it started raining. I live about a mile from here on Walnut Avenue near Eight Street." Before the man pulled away from the curb he cautioned the youth to buckle up. The youth buckled the seat belt and the man put the car in gear. The car responded quickly. He was impressed with the little sports car. He admired such a car and would have given anything to have one like it. He was so busy admiring the car he that he was not nude pre teen 12 paying much attention until he heard the man ask what his name was. 'My name is Paul." He said. The man told him that the name suited him. Paul guessed the man's age incest porn pre teen to be close to the age of his father. He was japan pre teen models a 13-year old at the time and was small for his age. He could get into the movies as a child any time he wanted. As the car moved down the wet pre teen gay pavement the tires made the sound of water being splashed up against the underside of the car. As the man shifted the car from gear to gear his hand would rest on Paul's thigh. Paul got a boner just having the xxx porn pre teen man's hand resting on his thigh. He did not stop the man or say anything. When the man had the car in forth gear he placed pre teen russin modles his hand right on the front of Paul's wet pants and gave his boner a squeeze. When Paul didn't stop him the man asked him if he could suck his cock. Paul nodded his head pre teen russian nude up and naughty pre teen down indicating his approval. He feared if he said anything that his voice would crack. The man caught the approving nod out of the corner of his eye. russian pre teen xxx He turned the car off of the main highway and pulled the car into a parking lot of a store that was closed and parked his car between some parked cars. The man unfastened his seat belt and leaned across the consol so that he could fumble with the front pre teens modles of Paul's pants until he got them open. Paul had on jockey shorts on and the man pulled the elastic waistband down under Paul's smooth little scrotum to expose his dick. Paul's dick was about the size of a hot dog wiener. Paul was un-cut so his foreskin covered the knob of his cock completely. The man was disappointed at the sight of the un-cut cock. When he pulled the foreskin down over the knob he saw wet knob and the yellowish cheese like stuff that was a mix of sloughed off skin, cum and pee around the base of the knob and it turned him off. He just used his hand to jack off Paul until he pre teen free squirted his load of cum all sexy pre teen models over the man's hand. The man sat up and used a handkerchief to wipe his hand and Paul's cock. Paul pre teen girls pussys was disappointed that he did not suck his cock. The man said that he knew pre teens nonnude of twin brothers his age that were mad about un-cut cocks and would love to suck his cock. Paul agreed to meet the twins. Paul fastened up his pants pre teen masterbation while the man buckled up and started the car. He drove Paul across town and parked his car in front of a house that was old looking. The walls were shingled like the pre teen sexy models roof and there were stone platforms on the concrete porch supporting tapered wooden pillars holding up the roof covering the porch. The plants and hedges were trimmed but were old plants with thick trunks. The concrete walks was cracked and lifted up by the roots of plants. The window and door trim was painted dark green. Paul followed the man up the walk to the front door and when the man rang the bell Paul heard voices and footsteps behind the door. The carriage light on either side of the door came on with a yellow glow before the door was ukraine pre teen model opened. He man standing in the door was close to six feet tall. He was every bit tiny pre teen as naked pre teens boys old as the man that had brought him to the house. The man was black and kind of looked like Will Smith with his head shaved close. When he saw pre teen fuck stories the man with the youngster he got a nn pre teen pics big smile on his face. 'Well gentlemen. Come on in. He held out his hand in a greeting to Paul. Hello young man. little pre teen nubiles My name is Robert, Bobby to my friends." Paul shook his hand and said, "Paul." After shaking Paul's hand he ushered the youth into the house. The man followed behind them. As they moved down the hall to the opening to the living room there was a voice come from father back in the house. "Bobby who was it?" Paul saw the second man coming to greet them. He had been told they were twins but it looked like the second man was a pre teenie nude picture clone of the first. When he saw the youngster his face beamed as he held out his hand. "Hi my name is Ronald, Ronny to my friends." Paul was looking at the features on one and then checking the face of the other and he could not detect a difference. The two men ushered their guest into the living room. When they were seated the twins asked almost in unison, "Jim why have you brought this delicious youngster to visit us?" Jim said, "This young man wants to have his first pre teen russian cunt sexual encounter with a man." lola naked pre teen Robby caught on right away, "I get it Jim, Paul is a lace lady." Jim nodded affirmative. Paul did not understand what had just transpired. He had not understood what had his transpired between the two men. Even free pre teen images Ronny had a look of recognition on his face. The two black men sat down on either side of the youth and started stroking his body while Jim sat down in a chair facing them so that he could watch what the two men were going to do with the youngster. Bobby took hold of Paul's head with both hands and started kissing him. It frightened him at first. To horny naked pre teens one had ever stuck their tongue in his mouth like that and sucked on his tongue until he was sticking his tongue into Bobby's mouth. That was enough to give Paul a boner by it's self but Ronny was toughing at Paul's pants to get his cock out of the pants. pre teen pics tgp By the time Ronny got the boy's cock out. Paul had a boner like nothing he had ever experienced before. Ronny laughed when pre teen depression he saw the foreskin because he knew that Jim didn't like cocks with foreskins. He thought they smelled nasty and were unclean. There might be a little truth to that because Paul was not that diligent at cleaning the head of pre teens girls porn his cock after peeing or jacking off. pre teen lotita That was no problem for the twins because they liked nasty cocks and young boys they could make into their domestic slaves. Paul had no idea what they had in mind for him and he was a little frightened about what he pre teens modeling panties had gotten into. These three grown men could do anything they wanted to him. At the same time the big tongue being shoved down his throat was taking his breath away from him. When Ronny skinned back the foreskin and saw the head cheese he got a nasty smile on his face. He started licking the cheese from around the base of the knob. Jim was pulling his cock out of his pants and was jacking himself off slowly. He must have been enjoying the sight of the two black men working the boy over. His hand was moving up and down in rhythm to the bobbing of Ronny's head. The fear Paul was feeling was preventing him from reaching a climax. Bobby wanted a taste of the boy's cock too. He pulled his head pre teens boys away from Paul's mouth and tapped the back of Ronny's head. Ronny looked up at his brother and reluctantly to give up the prize in his mouth but he did as his brother wished. When he sat up Bobby bent over and took hold of the wiener and stroked it up and down to wipe away the salvia of his brother because he wanted to taste the skin of the boy. While he was taking the horney young pre teens wiener redhead pre teen into his mouth Ronny pre teen newsgroup was pulling up the boy's red sweat shirt with the Chicago Bull's logo on the front so that he could play with the boy's nipples. He could not make up his mind if he wanted to kiss the boy's mouth or suck on his nipples. Paul found pre teen modles that his nipples were as sensitive as his cock. He could not hold it any longer and squirted a load of cum into Bobby's mouth. There was not a lot because it had been hardly more than an pre teen sex videos hour ago that Jim had jacked him off. The two black me fussed over the boy anal pre teens assuring him that he was welcome to pre teen boy cocks their house any time. Jim had also squirted his load of cum into his handkerchief. They both got dressed and said their goodbyes to Bobby and Ronny. Jim drove Paul to the corner of the black he lived on. By pre teen models nn that time it was raining hard and the winds was driving the rain about pre teen nude images a 30 degree angle. By the time he reached his home he was soaking wet. His mother was more concerned about him catching cold than about why he was so late getting home. She insisted that he get out of his wet clothes and into a hot tub of water right away. As soon as he was dressed she had hot soup ready and home made chili ready for him. Paul had paid attention to where the twins lived. The following weekend he told his mother that he was going to play with a friend from school at his house. He made sure he was out of the door before she could find out who the friends was, with the statement "I will be home by suppertime. That way she could not call them. He caught the bus on the main street and got off at the block that mpeg pre teen would be only be a couple of blocks walk to the street that the twins lived on. When he reached their house he knocked on the door. He half wanted them to not be home at the same time he was pre teens modeling pictures thrilled when her heard footsteps approaching the front door. When the door opened he could not tell if it was Bobby or Ronny. He couldn't even tell when the guy hugged him and invited him into the house. Then he said, "Bobby has gone to the store and will be back soon." pre teen young incest That at least told him that he was talking to Ronny. Ronny wanted to get something for Paul, a coke, sandwich or something. Paul was still nervous about what he expected to happen and politely declined any refreshment. They sat on the couch together hip to hip. Ronny talked to Paul to make him more comfortable. Paul had been impressed bbs pre teen forum with the twins because even though they had facial features and nappy hair of blacks their eyes were blue and their skin was lighter color than most Hispanics. He innocently asked Ronny about the color of his eyes. Ronny laughed, "Honey that is a long story. The American government outlawed in importation pre teen nues of African blacks a long time before the Civil War so the southern slavers bread their nude pre teen art own slaves. nudist naturist pre teens Bobby and I are only four generations removed from slaves. But even after slavery ended blacks were not any better off. Our great grandfather was shot for not paying proper respect to a white man. Our mother was a maid for a man that enjoyed talking her to bed. In the south they have names for blacks that are only half black, quarter black and a sixteenth black. No matter how little black blood we have they were still were not welcome in white establishments. Out mother was only part black so when we were pregnant pre teen sex born we inherited our father's blue eyes. Our father kept us because he was attracted to boys too. He was a true red neck southern man. pre teen galleries jeans His family didn't believe in circumcising boys because they didn't want anyone thinking they might be Jews or Muslims. He took great pride in the amount of foreskin he had dangling beyond the head of his dick. I enjoyed fucking young pre teen pussy our mother in front of us and then having us suck his cock. By the time we were ten years old he was fucking us in the ass. We loved out father dearly and would do anything for him. pre teen rusian models It was not until he passed away that we moved north. That is why we have a thing for cocks with foreskins. Ronny added we also have a thing for play acting. Would you like to indulge us by playing a game where you are our sex slave? Just the thought of playing the pre teen models top100 part of african pre teen porn a sex slave to a pre pre teen porn couple of black men gave Paul a lump in his throat and a boner in his pants. In answer to the question Paul kissed Ronny on pre teens photo xxx the mouth. Ronny accepted the kiss and stuck his tongue deep into the sweet mouth of the youngster. He felt his chest and the front of his pants. He was pleased to find the boy had a stiff boner in his pants. When he broke the kiss he stood up and pulled Paul to his feet and led him to the bedroom. He opened a walk in closet while Paul sat on the bed. hungarian pre teen models He went to the back and took items from some shelves and brought them back and tossed them onto the bed next to Paul. Ronny sat on the bed pre teens top gallery and told Paul to stand up so that he could take his clothes off. Paul never took his eyes off of the items on the bed. There chrome studded dog collar with a chrome chain leash. There was also a stainless steel ring that looked like it was about one real sex pre teen inch radius. pre teens hot Paul started unbuttoning his shirt while Ronny started unbuckling Paul's pants. As the shirt came off the panted came down. Ronny had pre teen nude celebrity to remove the shoes and socks before he could get the pants off. While Paul pulled his T-shirt over his head Ronny slowly pulled the underpants down. He did so in such a way the elastic waistband pulled the youth's boner down until the end of it cleared the elastic free anime pre teen and it sprang back up almost slapping his own pubic area. Ronny cupped the boy's scrotum and felt the smooth skin. They were just starting to drop and there were just a few hairs on the sack. Ronny picked up that intriguing steel ring from the bed and proceeded to slip it on Paul's cock like her was slipping a ring on a finger. When it was about half way down he took hold of the scrotum and stuffed it under the ring and pulled it from pre teen porn mpgs the top. He used his fingers to stuff the little testicles through the ring. By the time he had the ring all of the way down t the base on Paul's cock Paul's wiener sized cock pre teen video sex turn a dark red and his testicles swell up and the skin was smooth pre teen gallery xxx as his ass. The cock stood out in front of Paul and bounced up and down with every movement. Ronny gave the boy's cock a playful flip to watch it bounce before he picked up the dog collar. Ronny placed the collar around Paul's neck and buckled it at the pre teen girls pictures back. Ten he attached the leash and gave it a tough to let Paul know it was attached securely. He was just starting to lead the boy back down the hall when they heard the front door open. They knew that Bobby was home. Ronny leg Paul to the living room pre teen catalog to great his brother. When Bobby saw Paul being let by the neck he got a big grin on his face. She also took in the sight of the cock ring making the youth's cock stand up hard a stiff. He could not resist reaching out and flipped the boner just to watch it spring up and down. Ronny pre teen super models laughed, "Don't you think Paul makes a sweet chamber maid slave for us?" Bobby stood back and looked Paul up and down with the eye of a connoisseur. He walked around Paul like he pre teens gallery pics was inspecting a slave he was purchasing. He looked in his mouth at the teeth. He felt his arms, pinched his nipples and stroked his cock before walking around to stroke his back. Paul felt his long fingers sliding up and down the crack of his ass. I surprised him when a finger was shoved up his asshole. Ronny was the one that said, "What do you think? Is he worth training?" Bobby said, "I think we can make use of pre teen naked this boy. Paul I want you to take our clothes off for us." Paul set about taking the clothes off of the men that looked like matching bookends. When he pulled down their pants and exposed their tools he was fascinated by the fact that not only were they identical they both had dark skinned cocks that were big enough that Paul knew that he could grip them like baseball bats and there would have been plenty of meat left over. Both of them were un-cut. When he pulled back Ronny's foreskin he saw that he was fastidiously clean. It was all he could underground pre teen girls do to get the head of the cock in his mouth. He used both hands to jack Ronny off while sucking on the black cock. Bobby watched the boy sucking on his brother's cock and could not resist pulling on his own meat. He approached the boy and played with his nipples from the back. His stiff meat kept rubbing the boy's smooth butt. He looked at Ronny and nodded his head. Ronny understood the non-verbal message and reached for a bottle of baby oil and handed it to his brother. Bobby dribbled some of the liquid on Paul's exposed butt crack and the shaft of his cock. Paul's first feeling was that the liquid was cool. Then he felt the head of Bobby's cock press against the opening of his ass. His first reaction was to pucker his sphincter tightly.` Bobby tapped him on the butt with the bottle. " better relax or this pre teen russian nudes is going to hurt." Paul was just about to ask why when the pain shot through his ass. It felt like a hot soldering iron had been shoved into his ass. He would have cried out, if it had not for the fact that Ronny was shoving his cock as far down his throat as he could. Large tears were streaming down his cheeks. With every thrust of Bobby's hips pre teen cuties he was being shoved against Ronny until his nose was being pressed against the tightly coiled pubic hair. He would choke on it until Bobby pulled back allowing him to pull back enough to get a little thai pre teen pics air. Slowly the pain changed to a throbbing feeling that was making him feel so horny that his cock was pre teens from russia dripping pre-cum. There was a lot of moaning going on from all three of them. Bobby was making animal sounds pre teen xxxpics deep in his throat while he was fucking the boy until he grabbed Paul by the hips and made a couple of deep thrusts and then froze as he sighed. When he started pumping his hips again there was a wet sound as his front slapped against Paul's butt. Ronny knew his brother had cum in the boy's ass and he grabbed the boy by the ears and fucked his mouth a couple of time before he started squirting cum into Paul's mouth. Paul had to swallow as fast as he could but keeping up with the flow was hopeless. Cum was dripping modles pre teen from his mouth. Bobby wiped Paul's ass when he finally pulled out of his butt. They allowed Paul to lie on the sofa while he recovered. Ronny went pre teen model pussy and got the youth at bottle of beer to wash the cum down. banned pre teen pics Paul didn't like the taste of the cold beer at first but it allowed him to relax his jaw. He was propped up against the arm of the sofa drinking his beer slowly. Ronny knelt pre teens girls 13 by the side of the sofa and started inspecting the boy's cock. The foreskin was wet with drops of pre-cum. Ronny gently pulled the foreskin down to expose the knob. He licked the wet knob before he lowered his mouth down onto the wiener sized cock and started bobbing his head up and down as he sucked on the boy's cock. He even rolled the boy's testicles between his fingers until Paul rolled his eyes back and let out a moan as he came in Ronny's mouth. pre teen portal photo Ronny swallowed every drop of cum. The twins bathed Paul and cleaned him up. They even made him brush his teeth so he would not smell of beer before they dropped him off close to home. Paul's ass was sore young pre teens sex for a couple of days but he knew that as soon as it stopped hurting he would visit the brothers free pre teen twinks again. When he did so they had done some shopping. They had bought him a sexy little maid's uniform that was so short that even his pubic hair was visible. They had bought him fish net nylons and high heeled pumps. They had bought him a nice wig. They fitted a nylon skull cap over his hair before putting the wig on him. Then they pulled the maid's uniform over his head. Paul had to pull in his tummy before they could zip up the side. Then they put the little starched white apron on him. The nylons were sexy on his legs and the high heels made his legs look longer. The last thing they did was put makeup on him. He did look very much like a sexy girl all dressed up except for the fact that his cock was fully visible. The twins took full pre teen incest pics advantage of pre teen models 100 their sex slave. This time Ronny was the first to fuck his asshole. After the initial pain of the cock entering his ass Paul got into the fucking quick enough. Bobby stood in front of him and presented his cock for servicing. Paul found that he could swallow the cock easer chubby pre teen than he had his brother. The twins held hands over Paul's back so that they could pull pre teenager de rusas on each other to drive their cocks deeper into Paul. Everyone as sweating by the time the twins squirted their loads fuck pre teens pics of cum into the orifices. Paul was surprised that he even climaxed while being fucked. He shot his load of cum all over the floor. Every time Paul would visit the twins they found new ways to expand Paul's sexual education. They taught him to tongue fuck their assholes and they took turns pissing in his face while the other brother fucked his ass. The sex lasted until the virgins pre teens summer before he was to enter high school. His father was offered another job requiring that they move to another state. Paul was lost until he found another man to become his master. If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your outline to
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